This project was made for my BIS 490 - Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Science Fiction class.

A girl suddelny encounters her clone. Inspired by the book In His Image, The Cloning of a Man, by D. Rohrvik, however told from a female perspective, and a bit more comedic. "Is it possible to clone a Man?"(The Cloning of a Man, D. Rohrvik), what about a woman? What rights do clones have? Which groups are allowed to be cloned? What does sexuality and identity look like for a clone?

Also inspired by Kindred by Octavia Butler, in that science fiction can be a simple tool to start a story, such as sudden time travel or finding your clone.

"Better to stay alive" I said, "at least while there is a chance to get free" (Kindred, Octavia Butler)

“Frankly, it never occurred to me that I needed someone who looked like me to show me the way." (Kindred, Octavia Butler)

“She was strange now, erratic, sometimes needing my friendship, trusting me with her dangerous longings for freedom, her wild plans to run away again; and sometimes hating me, blaming me for her trouble. "(Kindred, Octavia Butler)

“Together they unlocked potential in one another. They worked hard and played harder, until the work felt like play. Everything”(Walidah Imarisha, Octavia's Brood)

All game images were taken by Zachary Sharpe, and code was written in C# for Unity. This game is free, shareable and adaptable using the CC-SA-4.0 License.

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Music courtesy of Remaxim at with CC-SA-3.0 License